CCE Updates

I have CCE database updated on 11 March 2012 i.e 11758. Today I tried updating & it was downloading 109 MB, is this update size correct? Such a big size update for 20 days updates or something is wrong here?

It must be because, I am getting the same thing prior to running a smart scan.

The update size for 20 days updates seems big 109 MB so asked here.

i think if you dont update CCE after a certain amount of time CCE will download the initial database. idk why

If CCE don’t update for 10 days it will be updated from the first, also CIS

good to know. do you know why?


I too wanna know, why?? :o

It should proceed with the remaining updates & not download the whole database again.

I don’t know exactly, it’s only my experience.
Perhaps because CCE/CIS knows the bases.cav is corrupted or old!

They must reset the main database after every 20/10 days, as if I leave my VM more than 15/20 days it always downloads the main database.


Thanks Dennis,

I think that this isn’t interesting. I hope Comodo somehow solve it later.
As naren said: