CCE Updates

As usual for my downloads from Comodo the updates before a scan with CCE were taking a very long time and seemed to be around 65% for quite a while when the scan started. Not sure if the updates ever did complete.

Also wondered if there was a way to “manually” update ? Currently it looks like updates only occur after a scan is selected.


Clicking on tools in the upper right corner shows an option to import a virus database. This is the closest you can get to a manual update of virus definitions with the current beta version of CCE.

Thank you


Download and Update problems solved.

At least for me, the problem was a faulty router! This was not my router but the person I am connecting through (with permission) 110 ft in another building.

Another flag was that it showed was that my connection was “Proxied”, neither she nor I knew anything about why/ let alone how to input the correct information.

. The reason I say this is an indicator for an optimal connection using Qnext is a Green light and since moving and connecting through this router on of the lights has always been orange.

The router kept crashing more often and when she replaced the G- router with an N-router, the download and update problems from Comodo were solved.