CCE Update

I have latest CIS 5.8 installed. CCE latest Beta.

Now CIS database can be copied to CCE, right?

I copy the latest database of CIS into CCE i.e I update CIS & it shows AV database is already updated. I check the AV database in about & it is 10516.

Now I copy this database from the scanners folders of CIS to scanners folders in CCE. First I delete the bases.cav in CCE scanners folder.

After copying the database when I start CCE it updates the last database again i.e the database copied is already 10516 but CCE will update few KB’s & the progress shows the same database i.e 10516, why it updates the same database?

And I didn’t performed the scan & closed CCE, why it asks CCE updated the latest database, do you want to delete the latest database?