CCE still needs work

Today after testing Comodo AV (purely AV part) CCE showed hosts changed, search was also redirected & 2 startp entries.

I tried to repair hosts with quick repair but repair failed.
Tried to remove startup entries through autoanalyzer it mentioned deleted but the entries were still there, aftre restart too.
Ran CCE smart scan it found 1 startup entries in detection & after restart it mentioned OK but the entry was still there.

I tried again all the above mentioned thing but the results were same.

I tried HitmanPro & Malwarebytes.
HitmanPro detected all the above prob & solved except 1 it didn’t detected. This 1 remaining was solved by Malwarebytes.
After restart everything was OK.

So what should I say? HitmanPro & Malwarebytes are so easy to use & did their work effectively & automatically.

And CCE little tough to use but it wasn’t able to solve any prob detected including manual removal which the above 2 scanners solved so easily & automatically.

Cleaning specialist failed compared to regular scanners.

submit them to egemen or haibo.