CCE scanning and CIS scanning. Any difference???

I just installed CCE and scanned my PC.
The databases of CCE and CIS are the same.
Is there any difference between CIS and CCE scanning???
Thank you for answering.

Yeah, CCE is a deep down, grade-a, solid-as-rock, industry dominant, universally applicable, hard as nails, piece of software that scans deeper and more efficient and is built to clean infested systems.
CIS scan is, well, good I guess.
Can’t say how good, so far never been infected with CIS since using it :slight_smile: :-TU
But to summarize:
CCE for cleaning
CIS for protection on a clean system.

+1 Well Said, and I too have not had one single infection since I started using CIS back when it was version 2 or 3.