cce safe mode scan

hello. i also stated my problem in help cce section, but no one seems to care. the thing is i can’t scan in safe mode with CCE. i followed the article how to instal cis without having problems or something like that, i formated my pc, i reinstalled again cis, but i still can’t scan with CCE in safe mode. i run win xp sp3 pro, with cis premium v. 6.2.285401.2860 and CCE v. 6, 2, 285401, 2860

please, any advice i will try !!!

Safe Mode is not supported.

well, what about the replies over here;msg701508#msg701508

and here

thanks for your reply !!

and i also found this

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it’s been at least 3 years since i’m using CIS. if by the end of the week, no one will give me something to try [b]SO I’LL BE ABLE TO SCAN IN SAFE MODE, then i’ll stop using it.

please, anyone, really can’t give me a workout !?!!?!?!?!?[/b]