CCE problem

I have CCE installed on my 64bit W7 system
CCE 2.0.212902.151 VSD v. 10796

I have not usedit for some time ago but used it the other day and immediately had problems with wermgr.exe seeming to take over my CPU.
I googled and followed a suggestion that I set the windows error reporting service to manual, and the problem went away.
Today I ran CCE again to see what would happen, and again have the wermgr.exe problem taking a large proportion of CPU usage.
So I checked Services and found that ‘wer’ is till set to manual.
KillSwitch has not helped at all.

Is this a known bug?

What should I do?

Please do not double post. You’ve already posted about this here: CCE and wermgr.exe

If nobody has responded, that means they don’t currently have an answer. It doesn’t mean your previous post was overlooked.

Locking this thread due to double posting.

Edit: At users request, unlocked this thread and locked the previous thread.

Posted at the behest of another moderator and I apologise for for being confused as to what should be posted and where. finding directions and recommenmdations i a needle in a haytack search from this end.

Anyway, I downloaded the newest 64 bit CCE via facebook, ran it and the problem seems to have gone. This means that the problem WAS with CCE and surely the SUPPORT and DVELOPMENT people should have helped rather than tell me to place my post elsewhere…

So much for the Comodo system. History was CCE followed by CIS as recommended. but when an update for CCE came out I made the mistake of running it. This problem evolved. The very latest CCE installed yesterday found 565 errors despite having CIS running in Safe mode since BEFORE the previous exercise with the CCE version stated. The new CCE fixed the problem - but that problem and the 565 errors should not have been there so the previous recommendation of CCE followed by CIS was in error and the way in which Comodo treated my problem unethical.

Time to take the blinkers and earmuffs off and try to take in what people are saying rather than being prissy and defensive. Comodo is still the best but has a hubris problem - beware.

I’m sorry, which moderator asked you to double post?

Its not really worth playing the blame game, especially amongst moderators - I am sure you can do without all that…

The root of the problem is that I was unable to work out where my concern should be posted and was referred i different directions. The forum is just not designed so that people with a problem can accurately go to the correct area. This was at that time the case with CCE because it did not seem to have any “home” and their as little (if any) intelligible guidance for someone such as me. Many people inhabit forum as a focus of their interest and I don’t. I try to only use them when I need particular information that cannot be readily found elsewhere and what seems totally logical and easy to use for regular users is not easy for an occasional visitor that is under a degree of stress related to a Comodo product. Most would give up, uninstall, and tell their friends that Comodo stuff is rubbish. That is where I am different.

From my perspective the installation and running of the latest version sorted out the issue with WER that only started after running the earlier version. Running the latest version also picked up 565 issues that the slightly earlier version did not - and CIS was running in safe mode all the time!!! So much for the official Comodo line that you are fully protected if you run CCE and then CIS. This is the real world and not the lab, and any problems I have had with Comodo products have ALWAYS been sorted out by the next version and this shows that the problem was genuinely with the program and was not an ID-10t error.

Time to get on with other things - and thanks for doing your job; without moderators I am sure the forum would fall apart.