CCE on youtube

CCE on youtube, but his configuration is not optimal

(The Download-Link fom CCE is old a version)

I have a question: is spyware scanner from CIS integrated into CCE?

Since the spyware scanner is scanning the registry, I would assume so.

I went ahead and added my opinions towards that tests/review. I do hope then I had made my opinions factual. :slight_smile:

Another interesting video from “mirzos” with KillSwitch

:-TU 8)

Not to the usual standard we have come to expect of Matt but surely nice to see he is still around. Not sure if he published over the last half a year or so; haven’t seen links to his reviews here for a while now.

Maybe when Matt does a formal test of CCE, he can test CCE removal of TDL4.

Also, it would be nice if Killswitch looked for system behavior that may indicate the presence of this rootkit (i.e. notify you that servicehost and/or connection behavior is unusual) and then suggest scanning with CCE for rootkit.


If CCE could detect proxy changes/dns changes/ invalid security zones/ winsock invalid entries it would be the best and clean all the infection restoring net connection.

compare to others:

i think that CCE did the best.

Interesting tests. Thanks for sharing.

Do you know what music is being played?

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  • Investigations (really don;t know more)