CCE is now officially launched on Comodo website!

thank you!


Congratulations, boss :wink: Congratulations, Comodo :slight_smile:


Congrats to all :slight_smile:

Congrats with going totally public with CCE. :■■■■ (:CLP) (:NRD)

is it for corporates only :frowning:

What’s stopping you from hitting Free Download button? :wink:

its for everyone to download.

I did try that… but, it’s not instant. I haven’t received anything yet. Back-log maybe… or perhaps they didn’t like my Position of “Retired & Grumpy”? :slight_smile:

i do not like to enter sooo many details :frowning:

Then try faking it all… it just needs a valid email address I suspect. But, you’re right in the sense that this page is obviously for business really.

I can’t see the reason for asking that many details if, after all, it could have been downloaded from the forum…

feels great that Melih is here online hope the problem will be resolved soon :slight_smile:

Where is the download? After submitting my personal details I get a page that says “Thank you for choosing Comodo Cleaning Essentials” and no download. Not even an email with any download instructions or links. ???

This is still the same version, 1.6.183539.73. The download links are in this pinned thread.

Will DACS integration be returning at some point? I see that the servers for it are still up so I’m hopeful… :-\

DACS is not dead according to Melih. It’s just that Valkyrie took precedence over DACS for the time being because it it is very promising.

Sorry for the off topic subject but don’t know where to ask this question. On the download page for Comodo’s CCE they ask your name and phone number and the information is required before you can download the program, but on Major Geeks they advertize it’s download and they don’t require this personal information before the download of the program. So my question why does Comodo’s web sight want this personal information but then Comodo then turns around and gives the program away without this information being required on Major

use fake details for download, and use temporary email box

or go here directly:

actually it the same version from forum: 1.6.183539.73

I see no reason for Comodo to ask this information if people can just use false ones… Is it fair? Why would you post here that by passing the developers’ wishes is good?

You are implying both are not fair. That’s a tie.

“Luckily” this is a download from the enterprise entrance. Sys admins are more aware of the implications and I will trust they will act accordingly.

For normal users. Using the search query “Comodo Cleaning Essentials download” on Google gives download location in the online Help first, Major Geeks as fourth option and no trace of the enterprise download portal in the first ten results…

Home users looking for a download are not being adversely affected by the existence of the enterprise portal.

You’re right Eric.