CCE Install Issue Fix in Next CIS Version?

Will the next CIS Version fix the CCE Installation issue of CCE?

May you please point to issue reported?

I don’t have any pics of the issue but when I 1st went to install CCE from CIS, it said CCE failed to install then launched CCE but didn’t install KillSwitch. When I 1st went to install KillSwitch, it said “Access Denied”. Will the Next CIS Version fix this?

Can you please check with currently live v6294?

That’s the version I’m using.

and you have those problems?

Yes. I manually installed CCE into the COMODO folder which doesn’t fully fix the problem.

Did a fresh installation of CIS v6294 and don’t see any problem with either CCE or KillSwitch.

May you please file a bug report here?

Bug reported