CCE ignored TVL

In my latest video CCE scanned and identified a file signed by AVG that is on the TVL. The file SHA1 is 5097a804de99588673d6d0cc73237f85908ef040 and is called CommonInstaller.exe It is identified as Suspecious@#2sxpfgbgojw75

signed by AVG Technologies

Serial number ‎20 eb fb cf c7 97 0c 88 7c b0 51 0a a4 23 a6 04

I have attached the AVG exported certificate for validation.

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What is TVL?
Certain that it’s not simply a harmless AVG toolbar?

;D :smiley: ;D
Trusted Vendors List is used for whitelisting applications.
It is made of vendors who digitally sign their products.

CIS never detected it look here at the older databse 10200