CCE full scanning: PUPs and false positives. Manage uploding.

I’ve run a full scanning with CCE in a quite large backup of setup (installation) files.

The PUPs continue to be reported, some of them of high risk. In fact, they’re not high risk. They’re PUPs.
ProduKey.exe Malware@#24etar7zt3dw7 VIRUS
Emsa Save My Work 1.0.46.exe ApplicUnwnt@#9nk5r4dp15g1 VIRUS
Ophcrack 3.3.1.exe ApplicUnsaf@#2v3fhqxhtzytc VIRUS
DVD Region Killer ApplicUnwnt@#ii9oho64ov7v VIRUS
PCFlankLeaktest.exe ApplicUnwnt@#35ue5mwcsmjuh VIRUS

Also, some false positives.
Vostro 3550 Bios A06.EXE Suspicious@#35vmfn8x2hup7 VIRUS
Housecall.exe TrojWare.Win32.Ransom.Hexzone.dfi@216751237 VIRUS
VistaSwitcher 1.1.4.exe|hstart.exe ApplicUnsaf@#2cxeei11ctlk VIRUS
obexsrv.exe Malware@#3651xg60on78c VIRUS (Intel Bluetooth)
Dell\QuickSet\MobilityCenter.exe TrojWare.Win32.Trojan.Obfuscated.~EN@105383476 VIRUS
Slim Drivers\SlimDrivers.exe Suspicious@#3cq9qt8gigr7k VIRUS

It’s not easy to upload the files for analysis, maybe you can think this for future versions.

+1 cannot upload large files which are false positive and flagged as malware
for eg:-