CCE fails to update virus database!!!

CCE doesn’t seem to be working for me. I have these problems.

  1. it fails to update the virus database
  2. when I click skip it only scans 3-4 files even though there are 2 hard drives installed in the computer, it’s not scanning everything
  3. there is no place to be found to download the virus database manually (trust me I’ve looked)

I’m a system admin with 25+ years experience and I can’t get this to work. It worked 2 times then stopped working! Please help! I’m so frustrated with this!



Which database to download for CCE? There are two options and no mention of CCE on the page.

Please don’t cross post since you have your own topic, as to which one you download, you select the one for 5.8 and newer which is the first link. Once you have downloaded the database, use import option from the tools menu.

If you bothered to answer the other post I wouldn’t have to cross post. Do your job!

His job if you want to call it that, is to Moderate the Forum only, which is not compulsory for him to do this either.

Any help he gives is as a normal member only.

Thank you


Hi wherethefisit,

Welcome to comodo forum.

I wish I could tell you, our Moderators here (especially futuretech) knows more about our products and our forum policies. We are happy that our moderators take the initiative to instruct/suggest this kind of thing to Comodo customers, it actually helps us a lot to distinguish/solve reported issues. I request you not to be rude/disrespectful on this forum.

Could you please delete existing CCE & recheck it again from here Comodo Cleaning Essentials (CCE) Version 11.0 - Download | The Security Products and let us know your location for checking of mirrors.

Or if you would like to manually replace the existing database, download v5.8 database as futuretech said.