CCE download

Downloading CCE from Comodo site shows version 1.6. I dont know if it will download 1.6 or the latest.

Anyway plzz correct it.

Hi Naren,
Please help me I cannot see on the site where the version is listed?
Comodo Cleaning Essentials
Thank you.

Internet Explorer - If you click to download CCE, the download window shows version 1.6.

From the link captainsticks provided I get the latest 2.5 for download. I am using Opera 12.1 beta.

Thank you, I wasn’t seeing this I was just looking on the page (Looks fixed now). :slight_smile:

Attached is the screenshot

If you click the download as seen in the screenshot it gives 32 bits download, version 1.6 & size 22.4MB. (I am running Win 7 64)

If you click Comodo Cleaning Essentials as seen in the screenshot, it takes you to a page where you can select 32 or 64 bits. Here its fine. 32 bits download size is 22.6 MB & 64 bits size is 24.3 MB.

The download size is also different for 32 bits on both pages

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Thanks Naren,
I confirmed this is happening for me as well.
Using the download link from this page downloads V1.6.183539.73

Downloading from here downloads V2.5.242177.201

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It is this page that gives the problem: Internet Security Software for Business from Comodo | PC Security . I can confirm.

I will move this to the appropriate board.

Edit: captainsticks just did…