CCE crashes soon after commencing a scan

Pretty much any scan. The weirdest thing is it happens for months for me now.
Windows 7 x64 without any security software except the MS built-in ones. Monthly MBAM and NOD full scans. The crashing happens every time.

The log file contents:

====== System Information ======

Computer Name:	HG1-PC

Log on User:	hg1

Memory Size:	15.98 GB.

Windows Directory:	C:\Windows

Windows Version:	6.1.7601 x64

CCE Version:

Virus database version: 27777

[01:33:54] Scan started.

[01:33:56] === Start Scan MBR ===

[01:33:56] === Scan MBR Completed ===

[01:33:56] === Start Scan Autorun Entries ===

[01:33:58] === Scan Autorun Entries Completed ===

[01:33:58] === Start Scan Memory ===

[01:34:36] === Scan Memory Completed ===

[01:34:36] === Start Scan Hidden Registry ===

May you please share crash dump as you could find under following folder?



No can do. There is no ‘comodo’ folder in c:\programdata\

Try checking %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\CrashDumps and within CCE folder for .dmp files.

Also nothing, except some weeks old non-cce logs (CountInstallation.exe.*).