CCE claims Contains Virus

I recently installed in an attempt to find a virus/malware on an extremely SLOOOW PC. While TDSKiller found nothing CCE picked up a virus in the ZIP file of TDSKiller, namely PACKED.WIN32.MUPX.Gen@129019204.
Any suggestions? Also, after letting CCE run with the default settings for almost two days I finally had to force a Restart at 76% (it was only checking an 80GB ‘C’ drive).

Hi Ralf_CT,

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The TDSSKiller is found every next version Kaspersky releases one.
The Heuristics for CCE/CIS picks this up as PACKED=Packer similar to zip etc WIN32=Windows exe MUPX=Packer Gen[at]=Generic detection.
In this case highly likely a false-positive if you downloaded from kaspersky’s site directly.

You can submit the FP here
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