CCE (cce_2.5.242177.201_x32)

Hello every body,

First, sorry for my english a little bit limited (I’m French)
Recently, I had some big problems with my previous PC (working under Win XP SP3) closed definitly by dead of it.
On this PC I was using without any pb Comodo Cleaning Essentials, portable version intalled on an USB key
Today, I acquired a new powerfull PC working perfectly with windows 7.
Therefore, even if CCE seems compatible with windows 7, The CCE.exe program refuse to start with as only result a sound emitted by windows without any message. Same result if I try to launch autoruns.exe or Killswich.exe.
I tried to verify firewall or antivirus software configurations without any positive result.
QUESTION : Is anybody of the communauty met similare pb or having an idea of action to solve it?

Thank You for your help

Good Day;

Make sure you have the correct BIT Version of CCE; Check your system (Start > Right Click Computer > Properties) you should be able to see if it says 32 bit or 64 bit.

Go to Comodo Cleaning Essentials | Download Free Malware Removal
Download correct version.

Hope this helps