CCE can't complete the update

I am using Comodo Cleaning Essentials v. (downloaded via Comodo Internet Security) on an Asus laptop with Windows 10 x64bit (build 1511). It is the first time I test a Comodo product, since now I had always relied on Windows Firewall for my previous notebooks. So far, I have got no problem whatsoever with the Firewall or the Sandbox (I do not use Comodo Antivirus, instead I have free Avira Antivir + on demand freeware Superantispyware).
When I launch a full system scan with Comodo Cleaning Essentials, it checks for updates, finds that the virus definitions are not up to date and tries to update them. Sadly, it never manages to actually start the update (not even a 0% appears) and it stays there for hours, until I manually skip to the next step (the scan).

The odd thing is that CCE starts the update and completes it if I make it start via Windows command prompt (run as Administrator), by writing “C:\Windows\COMODO\CCE -u”. However, when I open the program again and I try to perform a full scan, it still says to need a definition update, begins it and never ends it.

I do not think there are currently viruses on my pc, since I got it just two weeks ago and downloaded and installed only Avira Antivir, Superantispyware, Comodo CIS, Cryptoprevent and a few other utilities (freeware EaseUS Partition Master, IoBIT Uninstaller, portable GIMP, etc…). As my browser I use Firefox 48_and_something with uBlock Origin, Clean Links, NoScript, Disconnect, Self-Destructing Cookies, BetterPrivacy signed, Avira Browser Security, Avira SafeSearch Plus, HTTPS Everywhere and I still have not visited any risky website. Since three days I have also added Comodo Sandbox to my layers of security.

What should I do to solve the problem of the never-ending update?

(I also have another problem with CCE - once I skip the update, it completes the first part of the scan, then it reboots the pc. Once restarted, it asks for the permission to complete the scan, I grant it and the scan restarts. However, it never comes to an end - it gets stuck for over three hours around a 71%-72% percentage, on a small .dll (less than 500 KB big) in System32 (dpx.dll); the CPU use goes up to 100%, the program still works (it continues to respond to commands and keeps counting elapsed time), but there is no progress anymore in the scan percentage, nor in the scanned file.

I guess I should post about this second problem in another thread, shouldn’t I?)

So you have comodo firewall installed without the AV and when you try to use CCE to perform a scan it can not update the definition database? It could be the servers are down and it would say it could not access the server. Also can you attach the dll file that it gets stuck on.

Yes, as you said I have just Comodo Firewall (with HIPS and Sandbox) installed, without the antivirus.

Here is the .dll file where the scanner blocks. Virustotal regards it as safe (0/55).
EDIT: Comodo forums won’t allow me to upload .dll files.

Ok, now it should work.
Basically I just added a .txt extension which can be easily removed by a simple Rename file.

I hope this is not forbidden here…

I don’t think so, since the program says nothing - it just carries on searching for updates and never finds the new definitions (but it says there are new ones). Moreover, the update seems to work well when launched via command line. I’ve checked this behaviour almost ten times, in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and also at night - nothing changes, the in-program-built update doesn’t work, while the command line one does so.
I don’t understand what’s going wrong, since I always open CCE by right-clicking on it and choosing “Run as Administrator” from my Administrator account.

I do not know whether the two methods try to install the same update the same way, though. However, that would seem plausible to me.

Yeah I submitted a bug report about this, even with the beta CCE can’t update I had to manually import the av database after downloading it from the comodo av website. As for CCE getting stuck with the dll, I didn’t notice any hangs/delay as CCE was able to finish scanning a folder that contained the dll in a short amount of time. I wonder if it was a different file that causes the issue but CCE is reporting that dll as the one it is stuck on. What you can do is run a custom scan of the system32 folder with CCE, then open up killswitch double-click on the CCE process, go to the Handle tab and click on the name column, then scroll down till you find a file handle with a path of C:\WINDOWS\System32\ when it gets stuck again.

I was really tired of CCE neverending scans, so I completely uninstalled every Comodo product, including CCE, and then I reinstalled Comodo Firewall (+HIPS and Sandbox) from scratch. Then I installed CCE as a standalone application (version 2.5.242177.201) in another custom folder. Now everything seems to work fine, including definition updates and full scans.

However, one doubt remains: why was the CCE version downloaded via Comodo Internet Security a 8.something, whilst the stand-alone one downloaded from Comodo site is 2.5.242177.201? Is there any difference between them?

(I still have the scan logs from the previously installed version, though. Maybe they can work for you?
EDIT: I thought I had them, but I had already deleted them when I wrote this post.)

Ok, sadly there are differences:

My virus signature database is 25710. Is it independent from the CCE version used?

Yes the database does not depend on any CCE version as it is used interchangeably between CCE, CAV, and CIS.