cce autoruns analyser help needed

This thread is related to the how to know if ur infected guide by Chiron.
Actually I am following the steps in this guide but i’m stuck up at the autoruns analyser step.
Autoruns analyser shows me 5 files detected as fls.unknown.
What shall I do now?
Shall i post the files here so that anyone can tell me whether they are safe or not?
Or anymore suggestions on what I shall do?
Thanks in advance to all the repliers of this topic.

Please read through this section of How to Tell if a File Is Malicious.

If you don’t want to wait for the files to be whitelisted then you can check it with the methods in the other parts of the article. This will be faster for now, but I would still recommend submitting them to be whitelisted anyway. It will make future analysis much quicker and easier.