CCE and wermgr.exe

Thinking that I would get support I mistakenly sent my request to the wrong address, for which I apologise. For those who may make the same mistake in the future I have left the text of the reply from support so that you understand that support seem to prefer that we sort out our problems without involving them. I guess that their support is only available for paying subscribers, but this has not been mad clear, and they did not feel it to be their place to forward my request to this forum.

Anyway, my problem as outlined in the following thread is still a problem and I would really like to hear from anyone that has experienced the same issues…

Thank you for your patience.

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I have CCE installed on my 64bit W7 system
CCE 2.0.212902.151 VSD v. 10796

I have not been using it (perhaps irrationally) since having CSC problems some time ago but used it the other day and immediately had problems with wermgr.exe seeming to take over my CPU.
I googled and followed a suggestion that I set the windows error reporting service to manual, and the problem went away.
Today I ran CCE again to see what would happen, and again have the wermgr.exe problem taking a large proportion of CPU usage.
So I checked Services and found that ‘wer’ is till set to manual.
KillSwitch has not helped at all.

Is this a known bug?

What should I do?

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