CCAV with comodo firewall or any other firewall

Has anyone tryed this cloud av with comodo firewall, or any other firewall?

Why You ask? Is that some kind of problem running the both on same machine?
I wonder if anyone tried any particular combination or how it works wit comodo firewall. im interested in a combination with a pure firewall, without hips or other stuff.

Costi, I split your topic from the release topic and made it a separate topic.


Ive tried CCAV latest beta with Comodo Firewall latest release on an testing machine and all is working fine. I have some lags dealing with ccav but nothing related to cf. If I turn off cf, ccav keeps with its lags. Nothing too freak but the lags are there with or without cf installed.

Tried it in another combination too: ccav + microsoft security essentials + windows firewall enabled + zonealarm firewall and no problem was found too.

the testing machine is powered by an athlon 2x2 250 + 8gb ram ddr3 + hd500gb + onboard video + windows 7 pro sp1 x64 updated.

Dont know it this can help but in these cases I had no problems at all.


by the way. ccav is beautiful and runs great (after some configurations was made).

CCAV beta work fine with Fortinet (Forticlient) firewall.