CCAV v1.11.418040.510 (Hotfix) RC

Hi All,
We will be making Comodo Cloud Antivirus v510 hot-fix live today, which has only following change:

A Sandbox bug that could cause malware to access files outside Sandbox.

OS Scope: Windows XP

Setup Details:
Size: 8.70 MB (9,133,056 bytes)
SHA-1: 364caae09801f4fa80c8e233e50adfcb6375f6bf
MD-5: fb216dc0b09c77956d2514e1a9704764

We will appreciate if you could give a try before we issue updates.


Sry for !ot!

A wish i made that i think could be inplemented with this hotfix today.

Inform the user that they need to restart their pc to remain protected after and update.;msg859169#new

We will plan to add a reminder like you see after installation.

v510 Released: