CCAV slow startup


CCAV is loading quite slow at the startup, and pretty much everything, with CIS I haven’t experienced such slow down(everything was smooth). On cold boot I have to wait about 1 min:30(the time it takes CCAV to load) to be able to open something.
I use Windows 7 x32bit SP1. Is anyone facing same issue?

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i have same problem win 10 64bit :-X

Well just to confirm, I installed CCAV latest build on other PC with a fresh copy W7x32SP1 and the delay is the same.
So this small issue need to be addressed. Until then I will uninstall CCAV.

Hi RealNature,

Thanks for your Feedback. We will check what causes the issue and will let you know once its solved.Please wait for further information.Thanks again.

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Hi RealNature & adrin.scotland,

Only the first startup slowly after CCAV installed? If yes, CCAV checking files at first startup, maybe there much files on your system which caused the issue; if not, please help us to collect startup infomation, thanks for your support!

1, Install wpt(windows performance analysis toolkit) according to your system, refer to免费高速下载|百度网盘-分享无限制).
2, Run command “xbootmgr -trace rebootCycle -noPrepReboot -resultPath C:\Users\Desktop”
3, Wait for pc restart and delay… completed
4, Send us the files which under “C:\Users\Desktop”

Thank you again!
We will make it better.

just tried here latest ccav in a not fresh install (already tried ccav previous version and cis and now defender) and no slowdow during startup and nothing wrong after installation of ccav.

sure, there are some problems related to valkyrie, but other than that, all running nicely.

win 10 pro x64
amd a4-7300
8gb ddr3 1600
hdd 1t