CCAV Sandbox Dont Isolate It Again Option

I am currently using CCAV, and found it very great, easy to use and very light on my PC. I am also recommending it to my friends and officemates to try this product. I don’t know if this is the right place to raise a question regarding CCAV, but I hope someone answers my query. When an unknown file gets automatically sandboxed, there was an option in the notification to dont isolate it again, and if you click it, it will not get sandboxed the next time you run it, even if the settngs are password protected. What if someone used my PC and try to install program without my permission, and he can easily install unknown program by simply clicking the dont isolate it again option in the notification? Is there any way that i can disable that option? Thanks very much in advance.


Unfortunately no,
The only way is to disable the [X] Show Notification inside the user interface settings,
but that will turn off all Notifications.
Hopefully the password promt will be extended to the alerts aswell in the feature.

Thanks BlueTesta. Yeah, I already did disable the notification, it seems the only workaround. But I do like the notifications, to make sure that everything is working fine, I just suggest to make the option don’t isolate it again to have a password prompt when clicking, before it can proceed. Aside from my concern, CCAV is such a very good product, and all for free. Thanks very much.