CCAV RAM usage is too high and keep scaling

Please solve this issue:

When CCAV is installed on a fresh win 7 pro sp1 x64, rebooted, the ccav uses about 20mb in one process and about 13 in the other one. After some use of ccav and a few reboots, I notice that the two processes keep scaling on ram usage. In about 2 hours of use the first process was consuming about 40mb and the second was about 30mb. Nothing was running in this period of time and CCAV as just there, sitting on CIS tray. The only thing that was running (it never stops) was the ccav cloud lookup. CCAV keeps sending data insanely to the cloud and maybe its the problem causing the high ram usage of its processes.

please solve it. There is no point of installing CCAV if its a stripped down version of CIS and if it uses much more system resources than cis.