CCAV features you want to see in CIS

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Thank you for your valuable replies.
Kindly make us the suggestions of “what are the additional features that you like to integrate on the CIS silmilar to CCAV”.


The Valkyrie would not hurt, given her good work. The main thing her work should be without failures.

Upload files to Valkyrie

  • The user was able to manually send files for analysis to Valkyrie from the list of files in the sandbox, the context menu, or from the help section of the main interface.

Trusted Application Launch Option

  • Call the application context menu (with the right mouse button) and select the option “Run as a trusted application”, and the program will be launched in the reliable applications mode. Everything is very simple!
  1. CIS should be able to submit to valkyrie.
  2. Ask before running in sandbox wish thread. A feature that has forever been requested and stated that will come to CIS, but it has yet to happen.
  3. Configurable Browser protection, CCAV help page for browser settings protection.
  4. Dark theme; wish thread where it was said it was in plans by 3rd quarter of last year.

This. Also please if possible, move some of Comodo AV signatures to Cloud only, because current AV database is 425MB in size, which is too much if you compare against competitors. Old signatures of Malware that is not detected in 5+ years should be moved to Cloud only, this would decrease CIS disk usage and also help users with slow internet connection.

Hi all,

Thank you for submitting your Wish Request. I have forwarded your suggestions to the program manager.


Or have CIS be able to be cloud or download signature? :slight_smile:

Check this Comodo Forum

Faster file analysis of submitted files via CIS for paid users.

First of all I would suggest more stability in CIS since the latest releases are unstable and give problems with the Windows 10 security center. Increase the detection rate of malware.

You have an anti-virus potential that I do not take full advantage of.
With improved CAV or CIS you would beat the big competition.