ccav doesn't run

I installed ccav (as I did once and it functioned), but now it doesn’t run, message (attachments). When I confirm to fix it then the program will be installed again and it doesn’t run, again. After installing I start the computer. All comodo applicationes are unblocked. In firewall and HIPS ccav rules: allowed.

Thank you for help.

It runs again. What have I done?

  1. I went back to cis 10 but I think this doesn’t matter
  2. I changed to Proactive Security (but this I did again in cis11 beta)
  3. I started the PC again
  4. I installed ccav

My problem: I want my modyfied cruelsister’s setting! :wink:

Now it runs with my modyfied cruelsettings again!

Next step: Backup!