CCAV Chrome extension and portable sandbox

Hi, I have just noticed that there is a CCAV extension on Chrome Web Store:
I haven’t heard about it before. Is it official from Comodo? How does it work?

It is something like scanner extension which connected to comodo cloud. It scans the downloaded files with comodo cloud. If the malware detected, then it warns you about it. This is what I saw.

It would be an interesting proposal the comodo browsers come with integrated antivirus comodo cloud.
Extensions disclosure of comodo technology :smiley:

In the description is written:

[i]COMODO Cloud Antivirus provides:

  • Total Malware Protection
  • Quarantined environment for potentially harmful files
  • Removal of downloaded file in case of virus
  • Proactive detection of new threats
  • Fast, free and easy to use
    We recommend you to download and install our unique Comodo Portable Sandbox to stay protected from all unknowns. Portable Sandbox is offered by extension when you install it[/i]

What’s Comodo Portable Sandbox? It is offered by extension when you install what?

Comodo Portable Sandbox is seperate software. It is not related with CCAV. Extension offers the Comodo Portable Sandbox (ıt is beta)… extension downloads the Comodo Portable Sandbox and you have to install it to use the extension properly. Then, extension lets you tweak settings. I do not get it why Comodo doing such thing…

It looks like it’s an executable, if you install the driver. I think there may be conflict with other security products COMODO?

Could develop some way of indentificar extension if there is a version of the CIS or Comodo Cloud Antivirus, for exemple.

And where can I find some more information about Comodo Portable Sandbox?

I do not know ■■■ well… I just uninstalled Comodo Portable Sandbox, it has no UI…
I have not much information. But the extension needs Comodo Portable Sandbox to work properly.

OK, but where did you download Comodo Portable Sandbox?

Hi Jon79,

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Thanks captainsticks.
But now I have another question, if you don’t mind.
CPSP looks like CCAV without the Cloud AV. Is that correct?
So, if I install CPSP and CCAV chrome extension, does it mean that the AV just checks the file downloaded from chrome?
Actually, nowadays most of the threats comes from browser and e-mail, so this approach is not so bad

Hi Jon79,
I haven’t done much testing yet and know very little about it at this moment, sorry.
From the first appearance it looks as if the extension scans downloaded files and rates them, with the only available settings to show the rating or/and to delete the file.

Installing the sandbox along with the extension, you get the extra settings shown in the screenshot.

Hope that helps.

Edit: Added a screenshot of the available options if only the extension is used without the sandbox plugin.

[attachment deleted by admin]

It is a plugin for Chrome… the extension needs the plugin.

Hi yigido,
Without the sandbox plugin the extension still appears to scan and rate a downloaded file with the option to delete, but without all the other sandbox options.

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Hi captainsticks,

yes, now it’s more clear, thanks.
As I said, since most threats come from internet, the idea is not bad.
I just wonder if I can sandbox a file that, for example, I receive by e-mail…

Anyway, strange that this new solution hasn’t been advertised here in the forum

Hi Jon79,
I would imagine if you are using the browser to view/download your emails (Webmail) that it would sandbox any malicious attachments.
I don’t think it would be possible if you are using another mail client such as Thunderbird for example.

I agree that it is strange that we haven’t heard about this solution on the Forum.
Hope we find out more soon. :wink:
BTW: I have made an edit to reply 11.

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It sounds a good virtualization solution for the browsers. We accepts the all kind of threats through browsers… Think about it…

Yes, I also think like that, most of threats come from browser and e-mail.
If you are sure that your pc is clean, you could also just use CPSP and CCAV extension.
Like this you should not have any slow down at all

It’s good to see Comodo are now developing extensions for their browser :-TU. This (I believe) will set Dragon apart from other browsers. I just wish Comodo developed one browser (which ever base is the most secure) and then develop further on that, adding security/privacy extensions rather than supporting the current three. Choice is a good thing, but better still, add the best features (security/privacy wise) of all into one browser. Do away with the versioning (trying to catch up with Chrome/Firefox) and use your own.


got some problems running this plugin with warsaw plugin (its an security plugin for the internet banking of caixa economica federal / brasil). unninstalled the comodo thing and all is good again.

I assume the plugin sandboxed the warsaw add-on without prompting any info and there is no way to “mark it as safe” so warsaw doesnt run and the browser stop working until it crashes.

anyway, a good solution on the way (for some time from now on, for sure, but its coming… right? and thats nice)…