CCAV 2017 New User Interface Design Options- Vote Now !

Hi Guys ! :slight_smile:

Currently, we are working on a brand new user interface design for CCAV 2017 , by which we aimed to increase the usability of CCAV product as well as creating an elegant design. :-TU

We would like to get your ideas on the different options as you are the ones that will shape CCAV with your feedbacks . Please kindly vote on the different user interface design options and drop your additional comments / feedbacks.

PS: Please kindly note that these are the initial design template options and not the final versions. Please vote for the templates.

Thank you very much to you all in advance !!

Thanks BuketB for this great initiative! I have edited your poll to allow the users to change their votes. Thanks

I like dark themes, so I voted for the option 3, but the option 2 would look great too if you make it fully black :-TU

Nice options…

I voted for 3 and I have some tweaks to make it perfect (or almost perfect) for everyone… take a look and consider it when voting people…

I prefer 4 and 5 (voted 4). 1 is ok but not too keen on 2 and 3. Also, not keen on the “Lucky You” section or the wording from 2 and 3 (58 brand new…)


4 or 5 :slight_smile:

wow…interesting feedback guys…

i prefer 2,4 and 5, but can only wish for one. :-\

Hi Melih,
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Under the hood and usability are more important than elegance. :wink:


Voted 4 :slight_smile:

Good vote!! :-TU

The 4th with dark background

I pick 2nd

i like the 4th but the colors just need some work. A darker color instead of white for the main UI. I also like the layout of 5. I like something from each design

Voted for No.5.

Hey Guys,

Please check 4th option with dark background theme as attached. Let me know what do you think.

Kind Regards

Looks much better than the white background IMO. Like it a lot.

Looks great :slight_smile:
Do the same for the option 2 and I’ll change my vote :wink:

Hey Jon79,

Have a check in the attached version of Option 2 please :slight_smile:

Kind Regards

Still the best is 5( really clean and simple) and 4 with white background IMO.