CB3 Amazonaws.com adware-spyware?

I have found that CB 3 works well, but has a near constant connection to amazonaws.com. Anyone know what it is doing? I have it set to update manually only.
I wish CB 3 could find some other method other than putting unwanted ads in the program to support it. For servers at least I know of no good competition in it’s class – maybe charge a small fee instead?


Is the Amazonaws stuff or something similar still in Comodo Backup 4? I’d like to use it but not if it has this installed.

Amazon AWS is definitely NOT related to any kind of adware/spyware. They’re just the back-end provider for Comodo Online Storage. Regarding Comodo Backup 4.0, the closest it gets to “advertising” is the small “Highlights” RSS feed in the lower left corner.