CB v2 Extremely Unintuitive, Wierd

I downloaded the pdf manual and it does not address everything.
Version 1 was a good simple intuitive backup program, how did the ball get dropped so badly on this version?

So a few more questions:

  1. Where are the backup sets shown in the interface so I can edit one should I so choose. I can find an ‘Edit’ under ‘schedule’ but I may want to edit the backup set not just its schedule.

  2. Why are the buttons set out from the GUI so as to get lost in the bushes.

  3. When i attempt to backup ‘Users’ and want to only include certain items the ‘include’ and ‘exclude’ dialogs are grayed preventing the very thing I want to do. I can use them in the ‘Files’ dialog.

In version 2.0, only the schedule is editable.

Yes, the ‘include’ and ‘exclude’ dialogs are available only for files & directories backup.
You cannot exclude/include certain files/folders from user settings backup because the backup will be inconsistent.

As for the buttons in the top right corner, we are taking into consideration changing the way they are now.

Thank you

I was not able to edit schedule:

So what does one do to change a backup set already created?

Am I to understand no one in building this thing ever considered the obvious, that someone might want to edit the backup set to add a file or directory at a later time?

Thank you for your time in answering my questions but I must move on elsewhere for a simple backup program. I will check back in a few months, maybe version 3 will be more thought out and intuitive?

In version 2.0 only step 5 (the schedule) is editable.
We will take into consideration editing all steps for future versions.

Thank you