CB says not enough space for back-up, but there's lots of space

I’m an old guy with ever worsening cognitive impairments trying to learn how to set up Comodo Backup.

I’ve followed the setup instructions I found in the help files, but everytime I try to create a back-up I get an error message telling me that there’s not enough space on the target drive. But when I double check the target drive there’s plenty of room.

If I were to post here in this forum a series of step-by-step screen shots showing what displays on my computer’s screen, starting with the instructions I’m following, my checking the space available on the target drive, my Comoco settings, and finally the error message; would there be someone here in this forum who could help me troubleshoot this problem?

Will in Seattle
a.k.a. “Clueless”

I hit the same issue and noticed that the error would occur when the backup file hit about 4.2GB. So I adjusted the split feature to 4000MB and now all is good. I really do appreciate such a comprehensive software at no cost. It would be nice if the code checked the target drives limits and adjusted for it