CB doesn't display D: drive as backup source

I use Windows XP Prof Sp3, Dell GX280, 512 RAM, Pentium 4, and I installed the lastest version of the CB program twice today. I want to backup a family video DVD to my mapped drive. But the only backup source locations shown are:

Track 0/MBR
E: (for floppy disk)
X: (the mapped drive)

The D: drive as source is unlisted. This drive reads well, is listed in Windows Explorer and My Computer, and I can open files from D: without problems.My computer includes one DVD drive and one smaller (floppy) drive. Is there some setting I need to make in CB or is my installation file corrupted? Thanks.


There is a GUI issue with CB not showing CD/DVD drives in backup step 1.
The problem will be fixed in next release.

You can export a dummy backup job to script file using “Export to script” button in backup step 5, then edit the script to manually set a source path, then double click on it to run it.


is the next release going to be with comodo unite? or is it going to have its own update?

I’m not sure what you mean by “comodo unite”. I never heard of this :slight_smile:

Is this what wasgij6 was referring to?

https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-cevpn/comodo-easyvpn-23700-released-t66350.0.html reply 1


im almost positive that this is comodo unite
arent you helping to develop this? :wink:

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This has a different name. It’s called Round-the-clock.
CB will remain as a standalone product, even if it will be delivered with other products in a suite.


oh good to hear. can you tell us anything about comodo unite?
thanks for the quick response and actually responding. a lot of the cis staff dont respond
keep up the great work

Everything that there is to know can be found here: Redirecting...