CB beta experience, not neccesariy bugs


First please take what I say with a grain of salt. I can be harsh but it is not my intent I assure you. I was a COMODO-HOLIC until my experience with CIS, but that’s another story.

First can we rename the program COMODO Reboot? It seems every little change I make it wants to reboot my PC.

Also I can’t get past an error message in the top of the program that the program is not installed correctly and see the log. Well in the log there is always this entry:

cos-core-lib.dll IS DAMAGED!

I’ve reinstalled several time, repaired etc…

I am looking for a simple backup program that, in a sense, moves certain important files to my backup drive, NOT put them into a proprietary file format that I can’t get into without the main program.

Maybe CB isn’t for my purposes.

Also there does not seem to be any right click context support as advertised.

heheheeeey! I recognise you from the Norton forums! (This ONE site…)

CBU 4.0 has a synchronise function that sounds like it fits your needs.

As far as the damaged file goes, I’d look into file system or disk issues.

The damaged file problem should be fixed with 4.0.7 release
The restart is optional, not mandatory.
We will make the message less intrusive in next release.