CB Backup failed with Code 3

I am running CB under XP SP3 on a system with 3GB RAM. C: has 83GB data and D: 47 GBdata. I can create a full backup of either C: or D: without a problem. However, if I try to backup C: and D: together I get a Code 3 error. The drive to which I am backing up has 509GB free.

Debug info is attached.

Your advice would be appreciated.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I too get the same problem. My guess, although I haven’t verified it yet, is that the you have the log file enabled and you are backing so many files that the log file grows to the point that it exceeds the amount of RAM available. I know this should not happen if the log file is written to disk during the backup process but I have noticed that no log file appears to be written to disk whilst a backup executes. This could be because it is hidden during the course of a backup or it is written to RAM and then copied to disk when the backup has completed.

I suggest you experiment and report back your findings.