CB 3.0 Smart Sync and Backup Catalog


I installed CB 3.0 and want to create a sync of some files and folders. In the help I read about Smart Sync.

Is that enabled automatically or where do I enable it?

Also, when backing up is the source and destination compared to get differences or is a local catalog or database used to store the states?


64KB block level sync was removed because it required creation of additional files and folders (.CBSYNC) and users complained about this.
User guide will be updated these days.
Not it’s two-way sync.
Any change made on source will reflect on destination and the other way around.
If you add a file/folder it will be added to the other folder.
If you change a file it will be changed to the other folder.
If you change a file in both source and in destination, the newest version will be used.


Could you have made the feature optional?

I know the copies are in sync, but what I meant was how you determine what to sync. Do you compare the source directly with the Destination to see when something has changed or do you have a local store or database to which you compare and then only send the changes to the destination?

In 3.0 version the source is directly compared with destination based file sizes and date last written for each file/folder.
If directory structure, file sizes and date last written are the same, no changes are made.