What is cavwp.exe doing? It has two tasks running with the same name, different PID’s. And one of the tasks keeps cycling on and sucking up a lot of CPU cycles.

I tried terminating the tasks but they are blocked and I was not allowed.

Most likely a scheduled scan is running. In particular the full scan profile scheduled scan.

44% CPU seems like a lot for a scan given that I am running on an I7-4790K CPU + have 16GB of RAM.

How much resources does Comodo need to run?

  1. You can’t terminate the process if HIPS is enabled.
  2. It’s not acceptable if it’s (any) constant value / 60s. Indicated utilization is most likely not a constant value. (Looks OK.)
  3. You could improve it by deactivating ‘Decompress and scan compressed files’ option under Antivirus ~ Scans ~ Full Scan > Edit >> Options.
  4. Currently, there are some known issues with certain files which trigger abnormal CPU utilization.