cavwp.exe swapping for hours 1.x MB/s

Roughly 1MB/s (sometimes 0.7MB sometimes 1.6MB…) on system drive, the Windows 10 Resource monitor (cmd: resmon) shows that kind of reading activity of cavwp.exe on C:\pagefile.sys . The system free memory seems to be like 50%.

This activity is problem on classic HDD, system seems slower. How do i restart this process and possibly how to discover the cause and prevent it?

After reboot happened again. It was lagging my computer for maybe 12 hours. Disabling antivirus, hips and all modules except firewall not stopped it. Restarting that process using System Explorer app also not helped. What helped was to kill that process. The swapping immediately ceased after hours of useless activity.
I do not consider this issue solved. This bothers me to the point i have written negative review and considering to stop using the product. I already reported issue with this process, seems no developer interested to fix it.

WHAT IS CAVWP.EXE - for realtime scanning and program/file monitoring even with Firewall only installations. Why it is wasting my computer resources when i disabled all modules except firewall?

If it was running with the -embedding parameter, then it was building the cache of already scanned files to speed up future scans. By default it runs with ‘Background’ priority for IO & memory usage unless you manually change it.

yes, i see this: cavwp.exe /ModeAvMerger -Embedding
If i do not do antivirus scans of my HDD, how can i disable this cavwp.exe behavior? I tried to rename it, but it gets readded back, maybe replacing by some empty file named like that and set read-only? Other ideas?