cavwp.exe HDD very big load and system is slow

Comodo Internet Security Premium latest version, Windows 8.1,

Antivirus setting On-Access Scan and cavwp.exe very big load HDD ~20 Mb/s and system is slow work. How to manually disable cavwp.exe to not all time scan HDD files?

Need special option in settings menu for advanced users to disable very big HDD load.

First don’t use on-access scanning, next read the help documentation on the various settings that you might want to change.

Ok, simple disable antivirus to OFF, and cavwp.exe also abuse system HDD all time, how tuning settings to not big usage HDD or disable cavwp.exe with special launch setting manually to not abuse system.

Don’t use on-access scanning, disable decompress and scan archive files, and you can also disable use heuristics scanning. Make sure this is caused by the real-time scanner and not a scheduled full scan or you don’t have scan memory after computer starts set.