Cavwp.exe eating resources

I have three hard drives on my PC. Windows 10 is on C: the primary. My active data is on D: and there is a back-up copy of old data on G: This data is mostly image copies jpeg, dng etc. and are not accessed by any of the programs I am using.

For some reason the G: drive is being accessed almost constantly by Cavwp.exe and this is eating into resources and slowing everything down. I have disabled HIPs - no change. Disabled antivirus - no change. Exited CIS and closed it down - no change. The only way to stop it is ending the Comodo Internet Security process through task manager.

Is there any way to stop this Cavwp.exe scanning these files unnecessarily?

It if isn’t a Scan Memory on Startup or a Scheduled Scan . . . . have you tried adding the G Drive to Scan Exclusions as shown?

what is the .exe in the first place?

Sorry Ploget, I thought I had replied to you immediately, but it doesn’t seem to have worked.

The drive that was being scanned contained back-up images, all quite large and so I have added the drive as an exclusion and that has sorted the issue. Cavwp.exe does seem rather memory intensive though.

I am a newbie and a bit of a numptie on all this, but cavwp.exe scans file activity in the background (I think). There is more info on cavwp.exe Windows process - What is it?