cavwp.exe +85% CPU Usage - version

Recently updated to the version.

I’ve noticed the high temps due to the fans ramping up. It seems to last anywhere from 15-30 minutes before settling back to normal.

I also noticed there are multiple .exe’s from COMODO running in the task manager.

The duplicates do not have an icon.

Attached is a screenshot to show the CPU usage and the extra processes.

Is there a way to limit how much CPU the anti-virus can use?

If the duplicate processes are not normal, is there a way to remove them? ( Possibly from an older update that didn’t uninstall properly )

  • Jonny

Whats up Jonny1984. Are you using and older PC or something up to date. Knowing your specs would reveal more ? Either way if the PC is old and was not high end back then well mystery solved. If you specs are good then ? I’ve had the similar issue once or twice over the years. A uninstall and fresh reinstall usually fixed it. Never had the CPU spike mine was very high prolonged disk usage. Try a fresh install and report back !

Yeah you can limit process priority and usage. Not that limiting antivirus would be a good idea even if slowed it will constantly be running in the background but slower and always be running in the background. No matter what it will be taxing your PC.

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or maybe

Process Lasso

Edit : If the AV is set to Stateful set it to On Access and see if you notice a change then.

So, I’m replying here because I’ve been having the same issue, and I want to specifically say how I worked around it. Unfortunately Comodo doesn’t even allow you to close the program properly; the only way you can terminate this process is to uninstall the program (WTF!). So if you need to use your CPU, you’re kind of ■■■■■■■, right?

Well if you right click on cavwp.exe in Task Manager>Details, and select Affinity, you can limit it to only a single core. I have four cores, so this allows it to take maximum 25% of my total CPU, which is a good workaround for if you actually maybe need to use your CPU without it totally melting down. (My CPU temp was at 90*, this process has made my computer shut down because it cooked my CPU too hot. Thanks Comodo.)

I have the same issue :frowning:

I am having the same issue running version 8012. On a machine with Windows 10 21H1 and CIS only this process keeps my CPU (12 cores) around 95% - 100%. The disk usage is around 0.1 - 0.6 Mb/s so this is not a scheduled process to scan all files in the system. I ended the task for that session and things are back to normal.

If I hadn’t heard the fan from the cooler processor increase its speed I don’t think I would have noticed this problem.

Hi cata_solomon,

Sorry for the inconvenience, we will reach you through private message to get required log for further investigation.


This process is related to the antivirus component in CIS. When I scan manually the drive this process takes around 6% - 30% from CPU and disk usage is around 100 Mb/s.

It is clear that cavwp process is doing something behind other than scanning the drive when CPU is 100% and disk is 1 Mb/s.

Just revert to version 6882 to get rid off this issue.

Check that there’s no background anti-virus scan going on.
From the Comodo main window Home, select Tasks then Advanced Tasks and Open Task Manager. A background scan can use a lot of CPU but appear to not be accessing the disk much because it’s spending most of its effort looking through the files not loading them.
You can pause or terminate a scan from there too.