CAVS3 999 MB Limit?

How come the default max file size is set at 20 MB and the max can only be set as high as 999 MB? What if a .ZIP backup file is larger than 999 MB? Will CAVS3 not scan it?

Usually a piece of malware isn’t that big… 999MB is massive. Off course though, If you do have a ZIP & You want CAV to scan ZIPS then it should catch the malware inside if it tries to execute, regardless of size.


Nah, he’s right, Josh. :frowning:

There appears to be a hard coded “do not scan archive larger than…” limit of 999MB. This would apparently mean that any archive of 1GB or greater would never get scanned. Of course, the contents of the archive would get scanned when/if they are unpacked.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I was also thinking Comodo Backup allowed saving backups into .ZIP files that could be larger than 1 GB or more.