CAVS & Xbox Media Centre (XBMC) Causing PC to Reboot?


A few weeks ago after several months of working normally I started to get PC reboots (Win XP SP3) when my XBMC was streaming video or audio from my PC. The problem seemed to happen when XBMC finished reading a PC based file and especially if usiing the XBMC Library scan to scan media files on the PC. It didn’t happen everytime but happened regularily enough to have me tearing my hair out.

I initially thought it was connected to either Boclean or Firewall Pro so I uninstalled both, but the reboots continued to happen. Having exhausted all the other likely possibilities (router / NIC) I started investigating some unlikely ones - and when I uninstalled CAVS the problem went away. I’m at a loss to understand how CAVS could be causing a Windows reboot during file streaming to XBMC, but all the evidence suggests it is!

I like Comodo products and want to continue using them - so could anyone shed some light on what’s happening to cause Windows reboot, and hazard a guess if CAVS3 will resolve this issue.

Thanking You All, More In Hope Than Anticipation,


Hi SplittingDistant

When your problem began was it when you installed SP3 or another program? It sounds like CAVS is conflicting with some other app, or not liking some of the streamed files. When windows reboots it is because of a conflict or problem it is having with one or more apps. As it doesn’t happen every time makes it even harder to figure out. Check out your windows events viewer to see if you can find what the problem is. Also check out your XBMC logs, they may tell you what is going on.

Sorry I have run out of ideas right now. Post back and let us know what is happening. Also check out this link.



Thanks for the reply and sorry I’ve taken sooooo loong responding.

To be honest I’ve switched to Avast! as I don’t really have the spare time needed to investigate the CAVS2 issue further.

Avast! doesn’t cause the reboots, so I’ll be sticking with it for now (at least).

I think that the reboots may have started around the time I installed SP3, but I can’t be certain.

I’ll give CAVS3 a go when it appears, and if it still bombs XP I’ll post again in this thread.

Thanks Again,


Glad you’re happy now.

CAVS3 is out in BETA now here ,and will be final in just a few weeks. Watch for it and I’m sure you will love it. Right now the BETA is packaged with the Comodo Firewall in CIS (Comodo Internet Security) but can be installed as a separate application if that is what you wish.