CAVS v Other AV

When CAVS reaches its out of beta guise is it hoped that it will be better than other free AV’s and possibly paid for ie Nod32? Could features like rootkit and heuristic scanning be involved? Stuart


Rootkit detection will probably be a yes. Heuristics will probably remain a no because Melih doesn’t like it:;msg61114#msg61114;msg51534#msg51534

Thanks for the reply I asked about rootkit and heuristic scanning because i just tried bitdefender 10 free edition which is features these. Unfortunately this slowed down my pc so i thought comodo could probably come up with something better! Ps my main AV is Avast. Stuart

They will are:;msg61105#msg61105

CAVS already has heuristics. AFAIK, Melih has no aversion to using signatures and heuristics for the traditional file-scanning side of CAVS. His aversion to such things comes in when people try to push the file-scanning approach (find the infection after you’re infected) versus the prevention approach (don’t get infected in the first place).

He has stated before that CAVS will continue to function as a “normal” AV (with the goal of being the best at that), but go above and beyond with HIPS, BOC integration, etc to round out the protection it offers. With the prevention approach, it is still possible that a user will get infected (by allowing something they should have denied, for example); thus more traditional means are still needed to find and remove the infection.


My bad. (:SHY)