CAVS Update - where do I locate the current version on the firewall


Is there a way to check if my CAVS is up to date on my Comodo Firewall, when I update I don’t see the cavs updating anymore before a scan.

Thank you.

Miscellaneous/About/Virus Signature Database Version should be 429 (17/10/2008 05.26)
Date and time from bases.cav C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\scanners

To expand Dennis’s info

If you’re running CAVS2 : the last update should be right next to the update buttom, if it’s the same day you should be fine.

If you’re running CAVS3 : in the mainscreenn you see

‘The virus database has been updated on’
if it’s withing the same day it should be fine also…


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