CAVS says goodbye to Win2K??!!

I’m the sys admin for a small private school with no IT budget (only spend $$$ when absolutely necessary). We run Win2K because Microsoft gives it away free to schools and our donated equipment would complain with XP unless we spent a bundle on memory upgrades…not to mention the bundle for XP. AV “free” products are only FREE for private use…except CAVS. CAVS was the ideal solution for our situation. So when the message popped up today that CAVS was being discontinued (no signature updates) on the 20th, I went to see about downloading the new CIS…Ooops! No Win2K option.

Any hope that there will be a Win2K release soon or should I try and find another solution?

Well, I was hoping against hope, but it looks as though it’s the end of the line for our Comodo association too - for similar W2K reasons. A real PITA!