CAVS picks up over 7000 infected files but no virus name

I installed CAVS on my friend’s computer and it has been working just fine for over 10 months. Just recently a scan revealed over 7000 files infected by a virus that has no name. All that shows in the name section is a cryptic series of symbols which I could not duplicate here if I tried. I am afraid to delete or quarantine the files as some of them are from the windows directory and the i386 directory. Suggestions?

Hey Gordan,Welcome to the forums!

CAVS2 BETA has stopped development, Melih (Comodo’s CEO) was not happy with how it was, He has a team of highly skilled developers working on CAVS3, That should be released in the near future It’s rumored to be VERY VERY good!

As for those files, I wouldn’t rely on CAVS2. Try using a few other anti malware scanners and see what the results are.

Hey Gordan, Try this;