CAVS on ?

What developers think about this ?

I think it is a best way to get new malware and became more popular in antivurus software. :slight_smile:

Good idea.

Also there are 2 other similar online file scanners. and


Excellent idea.
This is the best manner for the CAVS developers to come to contact with the new malware in traffic (and also for to do publicity).

I think we may see the Comodo engine included in these types of services once the final version has been released :slight_smile:

First the current version of CAV (2 beta) is not advanced enough to match other software found in Virus total, and second Virus Total is one of the worse things that could happen to the internet: it just gives malware makers a quick and efficient way to test their new viruses against all existing antivirus heuristic systems. Cool!

If an antivirus detects a malware, then virustotal send that file to all other vendors whom antivirus didn’t detected that malware.

…taking into account that most vendors whose software didn’t detect the virus will always be too slow to react, and also taking into account the fact that other sites that offer similar services specify that they promise not to send anything to antivirus software companies.