CAVS on Server 2003

At the beginning of setup, a message popped up saying that Widows 2000/XP were the recommended OS and if id like to continue. CAVS installed fine so anyways heres my question: is it ok for CAVS to be installed on Server 2003 and will that OS be included in the System Requirements?

im using the CAVS 2 beta btw.


I know that 64Bit is not yet supported by the Comodo Firewall; I do not know about the Beta 2.x. If it is working, and you are not experiencing major malfunctions, then that may be your answer.

However, I will look for some confirmation on this.


im actually not using 64-bit. im just using Server 2003 32-bit.

Okay, cool; I just found out that W2K3 Server has both 32 & 64Bit platforms. What I read on MS didn’t mention 32Bit at all; sorry for any confusion.

My thought is that you should be okay; Comodo Firewall apparently works on that setup, so if everything seems to be working, you should be good to go. Presuming everything’s NTFS & 32Bit…

At any rate, based on what I’ve seen where the systems are incompatible, there is an obvious issue; thus, you would know.