cavs not installing

hello i have tried to install cav and i am getting the msg-problem with deleting with shortcuts please kindly delete shortcuts manually,then when i click ok it says:-rollback done.
can anyone tell me what to do to get it running?
thank you.

Have you deleted the shortcuts?

Also what other Comodo products do you use? Which version are you trying to install, if it is the old 1.1 version, it has installation issues so you may want to download the latest version for the Comodo Antivirus site.

i am trying to install the latest version 2 and i cannot see any shortcuts?
i have firewall and backup installed

i have just read on the forum that cav has only a 27% detection rate so i am going to install nod32 av
thank you.

1st irrelevent guess: u r usin a pirate nod32!

coz u decide very quick and simply to use a paid program.

2nd irrelevent guess: drawn from 1st guess–> u r usin’ not only 1 pirate program; u r fimiliar w ■■■■■ n torrent sites.

so ye u nid a mor powerful AV like nod32.

But John, sometimes rmb chek out Comodo AV for its new version 3.

I’m sorry, but you have just violated the Comodo Forum Policy with what you have just posted

Please do not accuse users of software theft or piracy based on speculation and no proof as it is very offensive to the user.

Now to get back on topic, remember Comodo is a beta product and those tests were performed a long time ago and detection has dramatically improved since then. As for your installation problem, I do not understand why you are having this issue, if you wanted us to troubleshoot this then you would need to provide us with more information on your system requirements.


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Justin, 1 clap 4 u! very quick, gud mod!

but wat i guess doesnt mean I disrepect him. and my posting is not rude and escalating.

I apologize, I misunderstood.

Hello to those with COMODO installation problems ! I have spent two days now trying to get my desktop to release and back to normal, to no avail. I installed Comodo and can not get to Safe Mode to uninstall and when running normal, everything is locked up, with a small window which says “Comodo Antivirus” HIPS Application Control Alert - wuauclt.exe microsoft system32\svchost.exe not found in safe list. This is after a warning comes up saying "Windows cannot find C\program1\software\soproc.exe !!!
I was running McAfee prior to installing and it is still on the system, but has run out. Does Anyone have any words of wisdom ??


Soproc.exe is adware I think. If you have spybot or superantispyware ythey should be sble to find and remove it.

This may help:

wuauclt.exe is part of windows update and you are safe to allow it.